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Nasosoft Components for .NET v5.4.0 Released - Friday, September 06, 2013

Nasosoft Component for .NET v5.4.0 has released with many improvements.

What's new

Nasosoft Excel for .NET   
  • Bug Fixes



Nasosoft Excel for .NET

Nasosoft Excel for .NET Object Model
To develop solution that use Nasosoft Excel for .NET, you can interact with the objects provides by the Excel object model. Excel objects are arranged in a hierarchical order, and the main class at the top of the hierarchy is XlsWorkbook class. The XlsWorkbook class is important because most of the time you work with it in some way.
The Excel object model closely follows the Microsoft Excel Application user interfaces. The XlsWoorkbook object represents a single Excel document, the XlsWorksheet object represents a single work sheet, and so on. Each of these objects has many methods and properties that allow you to manipulate and interact with it.
Excel object model provides many objects with which you can interact. The following section briefly describes the top-level objects and how they interact with each other. These include:
  • XlsWorkbook Object
  • XlsWorksheet Object
  • XlsRange Object