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Nasosoft Components for .NET v5.4.0 Released - Friday, September 06, 2013

Nasosoft Component for .NET v5.4.0 has released with many improvements.

What's new

Nasosoft Excel for .NET   
  • Bug Fixes



 Overview of Nasosoft Excel for .NET

Welcome to Nasosoft® Excel for .NET, included in the Nasosoft .NET Components Suite.
Nasosoft Excel for .NET is a powerful spreadsheet component that gives you the ability to read, write and manipulate Excel spreadsheets into your .NET applications without requiring any Microsoft® Office installation.
Nasosoft Excel for .NET helps .NET programmers to create professional spreadsheet applications more quickly than ever before. With a host of new tools, you can quickly read and write Excel spreadsheets in your .NET applications with an easy-to-use programming interface. Nasosoft Excel also fully supports to import data into spreadsheets from variable data sources, manipulate charts, pictures, and formulas etc.
Nasosoft Excel for .NET is purely built on .NET frameworks. Your application doesn’t depend on Microsoft Excel COM+ interfaces or other native code. Microsoft® Office isn’t required to be installed on the server.
This document provides a programming guide of Nasosoft Excel for .NET, with an emphasis on new and improved features.