Excel Formats

  Excel 97-2003 Format (*.xls)   Excel 2007 Format (*.xlsx)
  Excel 95 Format (*.xls)  


 Rich Formatting Supports

  Cell Formats   Global Styles
  Row and Column Styles   Conditional Formatting
  Rich Text Formatting   Image Formatting


 Data Manipulation

  Named Ranges   Import Export DataTable
  Range Manipulation   Auto Filters
  Data Validation   Find Replace Support



  Autofit Rows and Columns   Copy Worksheet
  Freeze pane   Group Ungroup Rows and Columns
  Hide Unhide Rows and Columns   Insert rows and columns
  PageBreak   RowHeight and ColumnWidth
  Preserving Unsupported Elements



  Chart Types   Chart Look and Feel
  Chart In Template



  Encryption and Decryption   Workbook Protection
  Worksheet Protection


 Document Settings

  Streams Support   Document Properties