3 Butternut Squash Recipe Ideas

As you know from our latest blog post about the Health Benefits of Butternut Squash [insert link], this tasty vegetable isn’t just delicious and versatile, but very good for you. Today, we wanted to give you a few different recipe ideas for using this type of squash.

Chili with Butternut Squash

The first way you can use butternut squash for healthy recipes is by adding it to your chili. This really works with any chili recipe, so choose your favorite! Whether you are trying a brand new chili or going with an old favorite, it tastes great with just about any recipe. For the winter, look for a hearty chili made either vegetarian or with meat like turkey, chicken, or beef. Dice up your butternut squash and add it toward the end so it doesn’t get too mushy.

Add it to Your Salad

Salads are a great option during the winter because it allows you to use all those fun fruits and veggies, including butternut squash. Try a fun combination, whether you want to make a fresh kale salad, or go with a chopped salad that includes cranberries and walnuts.

Try Butternut Squash Pasta

You can also turn your butternut squash into pasta! This is great when you are following a healthier diet and want to get away from using regular pasta noodles. You can bake the squash, then use a fork to pull strings of the pasta and use that as your pasta. Another alternative is to make your favorite pasta and add diced butternut squash to the sauce.

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