Barbecue Meat Options That Are Lower in Fat

Sometimes when you go to a BBQ, you still want to have the meat protein but are a little concerned with how it’s made. The best remedy for this is to bring some yourself! You can control the ingredients, marinade, and type of meat while knowing that it is a good choice for you to have a healthier option. Take a look at these barbecue meat options that are a bit better for you.

Barbecue Chicken With Pineapple

Want a fun way to enjoy low-fat meat that goes on the grill and isn’t too bad for you? Chicken is definitely at the top of the list. Chicken is low-fat, lean poultry meat that pretty much every meat eater will love. Plus, there are endless possibilities. If you don’t just want a regular chicken breast on the grill, but want some added flavor, use barbecue sauce. There are many varieties to choose from, depending on your needs. You can go with a traditional BBQ sauce if you just want to cut the fat by not having a burger or ribs or go sugar-free if you are also watching your carbs.

Combining barbecue chicken with some pineapples grilled and served on the side just seems to go together. This can be grilled or fresh pineapples or a nice pineapple salsa to serve with it.

Grilled Fish

Another option you have for meat that is a little better for you to is to go with any fish or seafood. For a barbecue, think of what can easily be grilled with the other meat, like shrimp on barbecue skewers with some fruit on the same skewer, or a salmon fish fillet. Don’t be afraid to bring your own if you think the host of the party isn’t going to provide it. There is nothing wrong with bringing something you can eat, and it often is less awkward than just eating some broccoli and fruit instead of what everyone else is eating.

Nitrate-Free Hot Dogs

Many people think all hot dogs are off the table if they are dieting or trying to cut back, but that isn’t necessarily the case. You just need to watch out for the types of hot dogs. Try to stay away from any hot dogs with multiple types of meat, like traditional dogs with chicken and beef. Instead, go for the all-beef, skinless dogs and make sure they are nitrate-free.

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