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When it comes to detoxing, it is not just about losing weight or working on cleansing your system. You can also detox your skin and hair for a nice beauty detox. Here are some different ways to do a beauty detox.

Beautify Your Skin With These Natural Foods

Natural health and holistic nutrition tend to bring to mind the ideas of diet and detox. What they may not bring to mind are ways to help your skin. In fact, most people think that the only benefit of eating natural foods as far as skin goes is to help with acne. The truth is, you can use natural foods as both a dietary method of beautifying your skin and an external or topical method of helping your skin. If you aren’t sure how to achieve this goal, consider these methods and natural foods that will put you at the top of your skin beautifying game.


Avocado seems to be on every list for natural benefits. The reason is that it is truly a superfood. Avocado is rich in fatty acids as well as antioxidants. This can help clear skin and keep skin clear. It can be eaten or can be used directly on the skin. If you don’t like the taste of avocado or the texture, then you may want to go with it as a skin treatment. You can do this by mixing the avocado with olive oil or vitamin-based oil. Blend until smooth and use as a facial cream. You can also use it a few times a week as a mask. Leave on for at least thirty minutes and rinse with warm water. 

Natural Raw Honey

Natural raw honey is used in a number of skincare routines for a variety of reasons. It works as a natural cleanser which makes it ideal as a daily skin cleansing base or treatment. If you have skin scars that are becoming darker or more prominent, avoid the chemical-based scar removal creams on the market. Use natural raw honey instead. It will help fade the scar and keep it from darkening over time. If nails are your issue, consider using them as a cuticle softener instead of a nail grinder that can damage your nail beds. 


You may be surprised to see sardines on this list. Though you can’t use them directly on the skin as a topical option, you can use them in your diet routine. If you are trying to build your fish oil intake and Omega intake, then this is the way to go. You can eat sardines directly from the can and you can add them to salads easily. You can even add them to pizza, which some people do. 

There are other natural foods that lead to skin beautification. These are the most common, easy to find, and most affordable for most people. In fact, if you are on a budget, these foods may be the ideal alternative to high-cost beauty treatments and routines that you otherwise would not be able to afford.

How Drinking More Water Can Help Your Skin and Hair

Drinking water is something that people try and do, and most just don’t meet their daily goals. This is for a variety of reasons. In fact, if you look online and in social media areas you will find goal charts and hundreds of methods to help you drink more water in your daily routine. If you aren’t sure what benefit you can gain from drinking more water, outside of hydration, then there are some health factors you should consider specifically with your skin and hair.

Cleansing Toxins

One of the key reasons that you should increase the intake of water in your diet for your skin and hair is to cleanse toxins from your body. Toxins can cause a number of hair issues, including oily hair and damaged hair. It can also cause problems with the skin that include blotchy skin areas, dry skin areas, and rashes. By removing these toxins from the body you can reduce these issues and cleanse the skin and hair making your skin clearer and hair more manageable. 

Reduced Skin Illnesses

Skin illnesses and issues ranging from severely dry skin to psoriasis can be greatly improved by increasing your water intake in your daily diet. While you are hydrating your body, you are also hydrating your skin. Your skin needs moisture in order to remain clear and to work properly. If it has a lack of moisture, both inside and out, the skin can break down and start to wrinkle or become dry and brittle. This can lead to pain and skin illness. 

Inflammation Reduction

Inflammation is a huge issue for most people and can be directly related to a lack of water in the daily diet. For example, if certain areas of the skin and body as a whole do not have enough hydration they may start to swell. This can lead to swelling of the skin and painful reactions. You can take medications, but one of the easiest ways to help reduce inflammation, especially after exercise or injury, is by drinking more water.

These are only a few of the considerations to keep in mind when it comes to increased water in your diet and your skin and hair health. Though you will see other benefits of increased water consumption, you will also see a distinct improvement in your skin and hair that can lead to fewer products in your life and fewer chemicals on your skin.

3 Recommended DIY Products For a Beauty Detox

A beauty detox usually brings to mind a boxed kit or set of products that you buy from the store. The detox usually consists of chemicals and different methods that don’t really detox your system but instead keep you on a treatment plan that lasts for months or even years. In some cases, these detox kits actually lead to more kits that are more costly and have even more chemicals in them. That being said, you may be wondering if there are any natural options or DIY products for a beauty detox. Here are a few to consider that may work for you.

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are one of the key elements for DIY products when you are doing a beauty detox. Here are a few reasons why. Epsom salt can be placed in a bath and is absorbed through the skin. It can relieve muscle tension and help with inflammation. When used in DIY recipes like skin scrubs, it can help with exfoliation. It can also be used to help with abdominal pain caused by menstrual cycles or stomach upset. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has a number of uses in DIY products for beauty detox. It can be used in hair detox as a way to condition and moisturize the hair. In addition to this topical application, you can ingest apple cider vinegar as an inner beauty detox. It can help with cholesterol levels. It can also help with acid reflux which can come up when you are changing your diet and detoxing from a diet standpoint. Drinking apple cider vinegar can also help with metabolism and weight loss which attributes to beauty routines. 

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil is something that can help with a variety of beauty routines and can be added to many DIY products. For example, part of a beauty routine deals with oral hygiene. You may want whiter teeth and fresh breath. You can make your own toothpaste with peppermint oil and coconut oil mixed with baking soda. This adds a flavor and helps freshen your breath while whitening your teeth. You can also use the peppermint essential oil in DIY mouthwash. In addition, it can be used in DIY shampoo and hair routines to help with scalp health and dry and flaky-related issues. 

These DIY products can be used separately or as part of a daily routine. In fact, you can add more natural DIY products to create what is known as a Korean 10 step face program. This can be very beneficial and give you the exfoliating and moisturizing you need, in some cases with natural food as the base.

Why You Should Consider a Bathtub Detox

If you are looking at detox options, you may have already run the gamut of what is available as a store-bought option. These options are usually in kits or inexpensive pouches that are supposed to be used for a certain number of hours or days. These detox options can be costly and they may not do what you need. Before you move on from a detox option, you may want to consider doing a bathtub detox. Here are some benefits of bathtub detox, methods of creating a bathtub detox, and what you should do following one to help your body and mind relax.

Benefits of a Bathtub Detox

One of the key benefits of a bathtub detox is the ease of absorption the bath can have on your skin. If you need a method to help with skin issues, inflammation, or toxin removal then this may be the easiest and quickest method available to you. Remember, the warm or hot water will help open your pores to the ingredients so they will soak directly into the area you need assistance with the most. 

Making Your Own Bathtub Detox Base

You can make an easy bathtub detox base by just using Epsom salt and baking soda. Simply mix one part of baking soda with two parts of Epsom salt. Depending on what you need the bathtub detox for, you can adjust the base with essential oils. For example, you may want a soothing and relaxing bathtub detox following a very emotional event like the death of a loved one. You can add lavender or chamomile to the mix for that purpose. If you want assistance with a skin allergy, you can add organic rolled oats to the mix. Adding honey can help with impurities and pull out toxins. 

What to Do After a Bathtub Detox

After a bathtub detox, you should use an organic or DIY lotion to help seal in the moisture to your skin. You may also want to try to sleep shortly after the bath. This will help keep your body calm and help your skin absorb the nutrients you just gave it in the bath. If you can’t sleep, you may want to simply meditate or lay quietly wrapped in a warm blanket, towel, or robe for about half an hour to help calm your mind and spirit. 

Though you can purchase a manufactured detox, they may not do what you need them to do. For example, you may want one that helps calm your body from an allergy or you may want one that helps you detox your mind and body after an emotional experience. Keep that in mind when you look at store-bought options and weigh them against DIY versions.

How to Detox Your Hair

Detoxing your body, mind, and spirit is an increasingly popular aspect of mindfulness and health routine changes. You can find store-bought detox options for all aspects of your body including your skin, body, and spirit. What you may not know is that you can detox your hair. Here are some reasons you should detox your hair, methods for DIY hair detox, and tips for detoxing your hair. 

Strip Your Hair

The first step to detoxing your hair is to strip it. This may seem like you need chemicals to do this, but you don’t. In fact, stripping your hair simply means doing an apple cider vinegar rinse or baking soda rinse on your hair and massaging it. If you have oily hair, you can use a rye flour paste as well. As long as it is organic rye flour. Another way to strip your hair and add condition is to do a henna coloring on it. This will strip it, condition it, and help remove chemicals Just make sure that anything you use is organic labeled and labeled non-GMO as well as vegan.

Use a No Poo Method

The no-poo method is simply to avoid shampoo and conditioners. You ideally want to use nothing on your hair that is shampoo-related. After you complete your hair detox you can start using a castile soap base for cleansing, but overall you want to stay away from commercial shampoos. These items strip your hair of its vitality, oils, and natural radiance. They also break down the hair follicles causing damage to the hair as well as the scalp. You can use just a baking soda rinse for your shampoo, massage the mix from the scalp to the tips of the hair, and rinse completely. You can then use a spray in apple cider vinegar for your conditioner. Let it sit during your shower, and then rinse out. The smell will die out as your hair dries.

Rinse With Cool Clean Water

Another part of the process is to rinse with cool water. Hot water damages the hair even further. Cool water rinses help remove debris from the hair while giving your hair and scalp a break from heat damage. Think of hot water as a liquid form of sunlight. If the heat and sun damage it, so will a liquid form of that. 

Keep in mind that detox for your hair will take time and it is a process. You will go through several stages including dry hair or hair that feels a bit oily. This may last several days to two weeks, but after your detox is finished you will have stronger hair and more manageable hair along with increased hair growth.

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