Common Mistakes Made with Juicing

When you start juicing, it can be a little overwhelming with all there is to learn. You need to choose the right juicer, know when to peel and chop before inserting it into the juicer, figure out portions and nutritional content. However, even once you learn the basics, there might be a few other mistakes you are making as a beginner.

Not drinking Your Juice Right Away

While you can make some juice ahead of time to save for later or the next day, it is always best when consumed right away. If you have time, try to make your juice right before you intend to drink it. It will taste the best and have the highest concentration of nutrients.

Repeating the Same Recipes Over and Over Again

There are a few issues when you make your juice with the exact same ingredients day in and day out. First of all, you will probably get bored of the recipe pretty fast. This is something you want to benefit from over a long period of time, which requires mixing it up and being versatile. There are also some ingredients, like kale, that have certain toxins that build up if you consume it in large amounts. A little kale is good, but use other greens in your juice as well, like broccoli and spinach.

Attempting to Replace Meals

Juice is not meant to replace meals, and in most cases, doesn’t have enough of the proper nutrients for your body. It is going to be extremely low in calories and almost zero fat, which means you won’t be very full for long and aren’t getting everything your body needs. There isn’t much protein in most vegetables, and often little carbs, so the juice isn’t a good meal replacement over long periods of time. It should supplement other meals and snacks you eat throughout the day.

Using All Fruit and No Veggies

Juice is delicious when you combine all your favorite fruits, but it is also higher in sugar and doesn’t provide the same amount of nutritional benefits as when you add veggies. Try to add at least one or two veggies to your juices on a regular basis. Spinach, kale, carrots, cucumber, and celery are all great options. This turns your juice green, which can remind you that you did a great job of making a healthy and balanced juice.

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