Common Mistakes When Losing Weight During the Holidays

If you are trying to lose weight during the holidays, it might take a little extra planning than if it were any other time of the year. To start with, try to avoid some of these common mistakes so you can be successful in losing weight.

Trying to Eat ‘Weight Loss’ Products

When you are trying to lose weight during the holidays, it can be tempting to buy a convenient pre-packaged diet food, but these are among the worst things for you. They might be low in fat or calories or labeled as sugar-free and zero carbs, but they don’t typically have much in them. They are packaged, which means they are also highly processed and contain a lot of ingredients that aren’t nutritious and will make you end up feeling even hungrier. A better option is to try and make your own meals and snacks, from grabbing a piece of cheese and apple, to blending up a smoothie.

Not Eating Enough

Losing weight is not about eating as little as you can and working out as much as you can. This type of method might help you lose the first 10 pounds quickly, but once you start eating again, all the pounds come back on. Not eating enough can also cause you to hit a weight loss plateau, which causes your weight loss to halt no matter what you do. Instead of doing that, eat more, but eat healthier foods. Make sure you have enough nutrition and sustenance throughout the day. Malnutrition is actually very common among people trying to lose weight.

Denying Yourself Occasional Treats

It is good to eat as healthy as possible, but when you are trying to lose weight over the holidays, restricting yourself too much can do more harm than good. You want to be kind to your body, but you also want to be kind to your brain. If you feel like having a little bit of everything at Christmas dinner, go ahead! Just don’t overindulge. Try everything, but don’t finish the plate and don’t go in for seconds. If you want dessert, maybe skip half the sides at dinner. 

Not Eating Before a Social Gathering

One of the best ways to avoid eating everything in sight when you get to a holiday party is by being full before you arrive. If you fail to do this, you are opening yourself up to a night of complete misery if you are trying to deny yourself what you want. Try to have at least a healthy snack before you go to the holiday party.

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