Delicious Pasta Salads That Keep Everyone Happy

Heading to a BBQ and want to bring a salad? This can be a good way to eat your veggies and have a lightened food choice, but salads aren’t always popular at these food-related events. Here are some salads that will impress others so much they will also want to have some of it.

Ramen Salad With Veggies

While cold pasta salad is often enjoyed by many people, you might want something on the healthy side that is a little different. This is when you can make a ramen salad instead. The basic ingredients are the same, except you use ramen noodles instead of pasta. What you might not know is that ramen isn’t unhealthy because of the noodles, but the seasoning packet that comes with it. You can make your ramen without that seasoning, and instead season it yourself with olive oil and herbs. Then add lots of veggies to increase the health of this salad even more.

BLT Pasta Salad

Want to make a pasta salad that everyone will love? The BLT pasta salad is a great choice. This isn’t on the low-fat side, but it has extra veggies, which a lot of regular pasta salads don’t include. For this one, start with the pasta noodles of your choice, then add diced tomatoes, cooked bacon bits, and shredded lettuce. It is very easy to make and even kids will enjoy it.

Greek Pasta Salad

The last pasta salad you can think about making is one based on a Greek salad. This type of salad is really good, but at BBQs, sometimes people don’t want a traditional salad on a bed of greens. It is sometimes hard to grab and put on a plate with meat and other veggies. If you want a cold pasta salad, you can turn it into a Greek one with some Kalamata olives, diced tomatoes, and chickpeas as well. After that, the rest of the veggies and seasonings you include are entirely up to you.

Pasta salad doesn’t have to be difficult or overly complicated. Cooked pasta noodles that are cooled off along with oil, seasoning, and veggies is really all you need. From traditional pasta salad with light mayo to one with whole wheat pasta and low-carb veggies, there are a lot of choices that are going to be good for everyone at your BBQ.

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