DIY Fall Room Sprays Using Essential Oils

Fall is the perfect time to bring out all your essential oils, combine the ones that smell like the Autumn season, and make room sprays. Room sprays not only deodorize the room, but you get that smell of leaves, baked goods, and spices even without actually baking anything. Here are some different room sprays recipes for the fall season that use essential oils.

Vanilla Room Spray

This first room spray is perfect for fall, but can also be used during any time of the year. It is going to smell strongly of vanilla, with some other Autumn-like scents to go with it. It is also a very simple combination of ingredients, allowing anyone to make the simple spray. All you need to do is get a spray bottle and add some vanilla extract, cinnamon oil, clove oil, and orange oil to some distilled water. The distilled water is going to help it work as a room spray and help to dilute the essential oils you are using. 

Fall Harvest Spray

If you want more of that classic fall scent, this harvest room spray is going to be ideal. Just like the vanilla room spray, you want to use some distilled water in the bottle to help dilute those essential oils and make it ideal for spraying around the room to help deodorize it. To the spray bottle of water, add some clove essential oil, cassia essential oil, and witch hazel. You can then choose if you want it to be citrus or sweet. Choose orange or tangerine oil if you want it to be citrus, or go with vanilla if you want it to be sweet.

Forest Room Spray

This next fall scented room spray is going to use more woodsy scents that make it smell like you are taking a stroll through a forest in October. Once again, you want to use a spray bottle first filled with distilled water. Once you do this, you can add in your witch hazel, which has loads of health benefits and a nice fall scent. Some other scents to use include white fir essential oil, orange essential oil, and either cassia or eucalyptus essential oil. You definitely don’t have to stop there if you have other ideas in mind!

Pumpkin Room Spray

For a classic room spray to use during the fall, try making one with pumpkin. While there isn’t pumpkin essential oil, you can often get a pumpkin spice oil blend. This provides the different scents for you, so all you need is that one bottle. Or you can make your own with scents like clove, ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom. Some also use either vanilla or orange essential oil added to it. Add your individual oils or pre-made pumpkin spice blend to distilled water in a spray bottle. You can also add in a little witch hazel.

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