Drinks You Can Bring on a Picnic

When you are busy planning what to bring on your picnic, don’t forget about the drinks! While you can definitely just pack some bottled water or juice, you might want to get a little more creative than that, especially if the picnic is for a special occasion. Here are three fun, fruity, and healthy drinks to consider packing along with your picnic.

Take Infused Water in Mason Jars

This is a really fun, bright, and colorful way to bring water to your picnic. Water alone might not seem too exciting, but you don’t have to just bring bottled water. Another option is to make some infused water using fruit, veggies, and herbs. There are a lot of amazing recipes for making your own infused water, whether you go with strawberry and mint, lemon and lime, or your choice of fruits and veggies in the water. You just let the produce and herbs soak in the jar with ice and water, then bring them along on your picnic. It provides naturally flavored water for your outdoor adventure.

Make Berry Ice Cubes

This is yet another fun way to have water on your picnic so you are making a healthier drink, but not just drinking plain water. The berries in the ice cubes not only add more color to your water glasses but will add a bit of flavor when the ice starts to melt. All you have to do is put some small berries, like blueberries and raspberries, into ice cube trays and fill them with water. Freeze them just as you normally would. To keep them cold for the picnic, put the ice cubes in a tall jar or container that is placed in a cooler. Even if they melt a little, you still get the yummy berry flavor.

Homemade Lemonade

If you don’t want to have water as your drink, you can make your own batch of lemonade and bring it in a container with an airtight lid. There are now pitchers with lids specifically designed for taking with you. Then you can bring along any type of cup, whether you choose plastic so you can throw it away, or bring along your preferred type of reusable cups. The lemonade can be made with a little less sugar since it is homemade, allowing you to bring something on the healthier side to your picnic.

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