Easy Barbecue Food Swap Ideas

When you are trying to think of foods to bring to your next barbecue, it is often difficult to figure out how to lighten them up. But don’t forget about ingredients you can swap out with the more fattening choices traditionally used for these foods. Take a look at some of these barbecue food swap ideas to have a healthier BBQ or potluck.

Use Greek Yogurt Instead of Mayo

This is a classic food swap you may have heard of before, but it is definitely worth repeating. If there is something you want to bring that requires mayonnaise, why not use plain yogurt instead? Definitely make sure it is plain, non-fat yogurt, not anything with flavor. Even vanilla has flavor, so choose the plain version. Greek yogurt has the perfect texture to replace mayo since it is a little thicker than regular yogurt. It also happens to work wonderfully at replacing sour cream since they taste very similar.

Choose Lean Protein

Another food swap you can make at your potluck or barbecue is to go with leaner protein options. Still have burgers and hot dogs for those who want them, but some lighter choices include chicken and fish. You can grill up some chicken breasts and thighs with a sugar-free or low-fat marinade, and add some shrimp kabobs with veggies as well. These are lighter, but also really delicious and fun to have at a BBQ.

Veggie Wraps

If you do want to have your burgers, it is a great idea to have veggies available to wrap the burgers in instead of buns. This lightens it up by reducing calories, but of course, keeps it low-carb. You can use any big leaf lettuce for your veggie wraps, from iceberg and romaine to even cabbage if you think people will enjoy it. Lettuce wraps are also great if you are grilling up ingredients for fajitas, as they will hold the chicken and grilled veggies very well.

Fruit Instead of Dessert

A simple way to get away from all the sugary desserts at a BBQ is simply to provide fruit and something fun to have it with. To keep it lighter, this can be a reduced sugar shortbread for strawberry shortcakes or you can have some whipped cream, which is light and fluffy, and much better than serving brownies or cookies. Always have options for people looking for the healthier food dishes

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