Essential Oils for Allergy Symptoms

If you listen very closely during certain times of the year, you can practically hear the sighs of frustration coming from those who suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms. Some people have become so used to living on medications aimed at limiting the reactions they have to these allergies that they’ve begun to look for other more natural solutions to their needs. Natural methods tend to have less inconvenient or damaging side effects, so they’ve become a popular choice for people who are in the know. This article will have a shortlist of essential oils for allergy symptoms. 


There are schools of thought who have always associated the smells of citrus fruits with being awake and alert, so it’s fairly common for people to add lemon scents to other citrus oils like orange. One of the most prominent attributes of lemon oil is that it can help to open your sinuses and help get rid of the congestion in your chest. If you want to use it topically, however, it would be a good idea to dilute it into some kind of carrier oil like jojoba oil. That way you can reduce the risk of having a negative reaction if you happen to be sensitive. 


Peppermint oil can bring a beautiful and festive smelling environment in minutes, but the real treasure behind peppermint is its ability to bring down inflammation in the body. Peppermint is also highly recognized for its ability to help respiration by calming the sensitive tissues in your lungs and breathing passages. It’s a great oil to pair with other strong-smelling oils if you need more strength of relief. One of the best can be a pairing with lavender, but it should be noted that if you haven’t used these kinds of oil in tandem, that it might be a good idea to be conservative with the amounts so you can avoid having any adverse effects. 


This essential oil has a long history of use and has often been linked to respiratory issues.
Most of this action is due to the anti-inflammatory effects of the oils. Oils of this type can be used in diffusers for maximum coverage in your home. 

Chamomile Oils

Chamomile has a reputation for being a calming, relaxing sort of effect when ingested, so it should be no surprise to see it included in a list of oils that are intended to soothe and calm part of the body. This oil is all about anti-inflammatory benefits and can be used topically with a carrier oil.

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