Everyone With Menopause Needs a Good Support System


Menopause can be a big transition for anyone, so don’t assume you have to deal with it silently or alone. Having emotional support is an integral part of dealing with this new phase in your life.

The Transition Can Be Difficult

While menopause is a completely normal phase of life that every woman will go through, that doesn’t mean it is easy. Similar to when you are a pre-teen and start your first menstrual cycle, it can be a tough transition to get through. There are a lot of different changes that happen, including mental, emotional, and physical ones. You reach the age where you can no longer get pregnant, which is hard on some women. You also deal with all the physical changes, discomforts, and pains, along with heightened stress and anxiety. You need a solid support system to transition into menopause and figure out the remedies that work best for you.

There Are Emotional Changes With Menopause

As mentioned in the previous section, menopause comes with quite a few emotional changes. You might be sad that a certain phase of your life is over, or you may notice that your stress is heightened due to night sweats, insomnia, headaches, and body pains. This is completely normal, but don’t let it get you down. And most importantly, don’t assume you have to deal with it alone. Menopause is not something you need to be silent about or pretend like everything is okay. Reach out to your partner or spouse, family, and friends and talk to them when you need to. Get that emotional support that you need during menopause and it will go much better for you.

You Might Need Support Due to Your Physical Changes

Of course, women are often more concerned about physical changes. Even though you don’t have your menstrual cycle anymore, you might still get menstrual-like cramps, which can be hard to handle during menopause. Some other physical changes include headaches, neck or shoulder pain, back pain, hot flashes, and night sweats. There are many ways to deal with these natural, like essential oils, herbs, yoga, and dietary changes. But you should also have someone close to you that supports you. If your night sweats are worsened with another warm body sleeping next to you, it is good to have someone who wouldn’t mind if you slept in a separate bed until this part of menopause is over.

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