Get Your Family Involved to Help Lose Weight

Losing weight during the holidays is hard enough, let alone when you are trying to do it all on your own. Try to get your family involved so that everyone is joining in with the dietary changes and you aren’t the only one skipping on pie or eating different side dishes at dinner.

Why You Should Involve Your Family

Take a few moments to consider the reasons why it is beneficial to involve your family in your weight loss goals. Having someone else that can do workouts and cook food with you is a great support system, which many people need when losing weight. However, it is even more important during the holidays. During this time of year, you spend a lot of time with relatives, and it can be hard when they are all eating whatever they want and binge-watching Christmas movies while you eat your salad and go to the gym. Doing it together is excellent motivation for everyone to be healthier.

Workouts You Can Do Together

Now that you know why you should involve your family, you can start thinking about the best ways to do this. First of all, there are certain workouts that are really good to do together as a family. For example, going for a walk in the evening after dinner, walking your dogs together, or heading to a local gym to challenge each other. When you are indoors, you can pop in a workout DVD and have everyone do it at the same time.

Eating Better As a Family

Another way to get your family involved in weight loss during the holidays is for everyone to eat better. You can choose recipes together and prepare the meals, even going grocery shopping together. Gather everyone around to decide what types of foods you should eat and get suggestions from each family member about making smarter, healthier choices during the holidays. Getting the perspective of multiple people can be really good for your morale and keep everyone on track.

Getting the Kids More Involved

Having your kids on board can be the most helpful, but also the most challenging. During the holidays, the last thing kids want to do is follow a healthy diet. They want their stocking stuffed with chocolate and want to gorge out in front of the TV during winter break. However, if you involve them more in the decision making and have them help in the kitchen, it can help motivate them to join you.

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