Health Benefits of Adding Juice to Your Routine

Juicing can sometimes put people off doing it for a number of different reasons. You buy a lot more produce than usual, it takes a bit more time commitment, and can be a little scary trying something new. But there are so many more health benefits when you add juicing to your regular routine.

Nutrients and Recommended Fruits and Veggies

Most people tend to fall behind on the recommended 3-5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle or don’t enjoy shopping and cooking your own meals. With juicing, you are using a lot of fruits and vegetables in your juice, which encourages you to get a lot of the nutrients you would from consuming these foods, all from drinking the juice. Most parts of each type of product are used in the juice, so you also get juice from skins and rinds in many cases.

You Don’t Have to Chew as Much

Have you ever tried to make a salad with enough servings of vegetables? It is a lot of food and a lot of chewing. This can take time, might be harder on your stomach digesting all that fiber in its raw form, and puts your jaw to work. Whether you have sensitive teeth, or just don’t feel like going through all the chewing, juice can be a great alternative for you.

You Can Make it Beforehand for On-the-Go

Another excellent benefit to juicing is that it is easy to have a big meal prepping day when you make all your juice for the next several days in one go. You can store them in large mason jars for the refrigerator, which helps keep your juice fresh.  You will have them ready to grab and go on busy mornings, or in the afternoon when you need a little pick me up. 

It Helps Increase Your Hydration

Many of the fruits and vegetables you use for juice are made up primarily of water. By drinking juice you have made at home, there aren’t any hidden ingredients or preservatives, no added sugar, but lots of water in its freshest form. Make juice with veggies like cucumber and celery to really increase the water content of your juice. This makes it one step above flavored water, where you get more nutrients from the veggies, but with the same amount of hydration benefits.

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