Health Benefits of Honey

You might love honey because of the sweet taste, adding it to your coffee, tea, or biscuits. It also happens to be very good for you, especially when you choose the raw and unfiltered honey that doesn’t have added sugar. Here are some health benefits associated with raw honey.

You Get Plenty of Antioxidants

One thing you might not realize honey can provide you is a healthy dose of antioxidants. This is especially important during the fall season, as this is often when people begin experiencing illnesses like the cold or flu. You can combat these illnesses and have natural protection of the cells in your body by having more natural resources for antioxidants like raw honey. It is best that you go with the raw honey, not the kind you get in the supermarket that is loaded with sugar and other preservatives. 

It Helps With Digestive Problems

Are you someone that deals with a lot of stomach problems, particularly with your digestive system? If so, you will be glad you found honey! The healing properties in raw honey help with many stomach problems, from diarrhea and constipation to peptic ulcers. With peptic ulcers, you need about 2 tablespoons of raw honey per day to help with the pain. The good news is that honey is very easy to add to your food or drinks, such as tea or coffee, and breakfast baked goods.

You Can Get Allergy Relief

During the fall and winter season, allergies tend to run rampant. There are different remedies and triggers than summer and springtime allergies, but honey can help tremendously. It is not necessarily a cure for your seasonal allergies, but it can help with some of the side effects you get from your allergies. For example, honey is excellent for easing your sore throat, if you tend to get a lot of coughing and sore throats with your allergy symptoms. Try some warm tea with honey and lemon, and it will soothe that sore throat. Many people have also found honey to be great for their congestion. 

It is Antibacterial and Antifungal

Speaking of bacteria and germs, honey can help get rid of them year-round. Raw, natural honey has properties that make it antibacterial, thanks to the bees adding enzymes in the honey. It also works as a natural anti-fungal remedy. If you are putting together a natural first aid kit, honey should always be included.

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