Healthier BBQ Dessert Options

Dessert is not always the main course of a BBQ, though it is often served. Things like brownies, cupcakes, and cookies are often served, but these aren’t the healthiest options. Here are some healthier desserts you can bring to a BBQ or potluck.

Chocolate-Covered Bananas

These are a fun and easy treat you can have at any time of year, but they are wonderful in the summertime. You do want to keep them cold because the chocolate will melt being outside, but since they are frozen, people will really love them. All you have to do is slice up bananas, then dip them in melted chocolate. Lay them on wax paper to cool and let the chocolate harden, It can also harden a little faster if you put them in the fridge. If you want, you can put peanut butter in between two banana slices before dipping them. Keep these in the refrigerator or freezer to prevent melting and keep them fresh.

Cocoa Powder, Oats, and Banana

Why is this a good dessert? Because it is easy and requires no baking! You might be stuck inside on a hot day, and don’t really want to bake a dessert to bring to your potluck or BBQ. Absolutely no heat is involved when you are making these delicious no-bake cookies. You just mix mashed up banana (extra ripe) with cocoa powder and oats, and that’s it! You can add peanut butter if you want or a milk substitute to make it mix better, but with enough banana, it is really not necessary. 

Healthier Apple Crisp

Apple crisp is a delicious dessert that is perfect for those summer BBQs and potlucks. It can be served alone or with some low-fat vanilla ice cream as well. The probably with a regular apple crisp is that it is usually loaded with sugar. To prevent this, instead use organic brown sugar or coconut sugar, along with grass-fed butter, oats, and cinnamon. This combined with the other ingredients needed for an apple crisp really helps to lighten it up.

Fruit Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is another delicious dessert to enjoy in the summertime, but is often loaded with sugar. To make a more natural and healthier frozen yogurt, just add fruit to a blender until smooth, pour it into a container you can keep in the freezer, and freeze it. This turns into a delicious and completely natural frozen treat.

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