How Men Can Live Longer


Have you ever thought about the gap between the life expectancy between men and women? 

If you’re like most people, this may be the first time that you’ve heard that Today, many women all over the world outlive men by an average of as much as 10 years. Before you give up and accept your fate, you might be surprised to find out that there are a few things that you can do to have a longer, more productive, and healthy life. 

Go To the Doctor

An important part of staying healthy is getting annual checkups. The majority of men go to the doctor to be checked out far less than women, leaving them vulnerable to a wide variety of illnesses that go undetected until it’s far too late. It would be a good idea to visit the doctor at least once a year to get checked for major illnesses that have few symptoms until a sudden incident occurs. The health world is filled with stories and statistics about people who did not get regular checkups, only to find that they are close to perishing from a late-stage illness. Annual checkups will make that outcome far less likely. 

Stress Relief

One of the silent killers of men is often stress. A lifetime of prolonged stress over bills, family members, income inadequacy, and work conditions can lead to weakened immune systems which expose you to a plethora of infectious diseases. Stress also depletes precious stores of vitamins and minerals in the body which can create cyclical health issues by disrupting vital enzymatic functions that control blood pressure and sleep patterns. To combat this, find ways to alleviate stress. Find hobbies and activities that help you to manage your stress, and engage in them regularly.


One really amazing way to prolong life is exercise. Exercise alleviates stress and strengthens muscles that are essential to bodily function. It fights heart issues by keeping the heart-healthy and strong while helping you to purge the weight of the day both physically and emotionally. A solid exercise routine can help you to improve your metabolism, and set it to its natural rhythm while improving your appearance.


Sleep is often the most neglected part of this list. Sleep is your body’s time to repair itself and rest. Without sleep, cognitive functions deteriorate, and the body begins to break down. Be sure to get a full night of rest as often as you can.

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