How to Age Gracefully


Aging is something everyone goes through, but how you age might be much different than someone else. The real trick is to do so while retaining a vigor for life. While getting older can present a new set of challenges for many people, there are some major benefits to living a lifestyle that fosters health and well-being. Surprisingly there are just a few rules that you can follow to make sure that you are living in a healthy way. In the next few paragraphs, you will find an exploration of some things you can do to age gracefully. 

Avoid Using Heavy Makeup 

The beauty industry pours copious amounts of money into advertising by placing ads for makeup in every magazine known to mankind. This results in the widespread usage of powders and creams that are intended to create specific styles and looks. Over time, these substances can put a lot of wear on your skin, dry it, and even cause lasting damage from habitual use. This can happen because pores become clogged, and they are the ventilation and excretion system for the largest organ in your body, the human skin. Using simple makeup like lip color and eyeliner can go a long way. 

Engage in Regular Exercise 

Exercise is one of the most important things that your body can do. If you are active in your daily life, you are far more likely to stay in control of your weight, and muscle mass. The activity also helps get the blood pumping which can flush your skin with blood flow delivering fresh oxygen and nutrients to your cells. Exercise also helps the body to circulate lymph fluids which help carry toxins to places in the body where they can be removed. Even something as easy as a trampoline can work wonders for these systems. If you can get  2 – 3 workouts in during a week, they you can decrease the chances of heart disease by more than 28%.

Spend Time with Friends

Social time among other people is almost completely essential for living a healthy life. Spending time with friends can help lower your stress and help get you into more activities. People who spend more time with friends have an easier time becoming more physically active than people who try to do the physical activity alone, so being around others can work to also influence healthy behaviors. You also release hormones around people that you are fond of, so reaching out to a good friend or loved one can be great for everyone involved.

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