How to Make Celery Juice

If you were to narrow down all the natural health trends for the last year, one thing would come up at the top of the list – celery juice. This has been talked about more and more, to the point where companies are now bottling celery juice, and you can find it at just about every natural food store and juice stand.

Celery juice provides many health benefits, from hydrating you, to clearing up your skin. Celery itself contains loads of nutrients, including vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, calcium, potassium, electrolytes, magnesium, and lots of water. 

Here are some instructions and tips for making your own celery juice at home:

Using a Juicer

IF you are accustomed to using a juice, then you probably already know the basics. With celery juice, all you are using is the celery, so that’s great news! No need for extra prep work or other ingredients. For a tall glass of celery juice, it uses about a small bunch of celery, though this will depend on how much you want to drink each morning.

Get your bunch of celery, and rinse it well. This works best with organic celery, but rinsing is still necessary. Run it through the juicer until all of the celery stalks are used. 

Using a Blender

If you don’t have access to a blender at home, you can still make celery juice! All you need is good quality, high-powered blender. Using a traditional blender might not cut it, or the celery might damage the blades over time. It is best to use a very high-quality blender for this type of juice if you are making it on a regular basis. 

To use a blender, use 1-2 bunches of celery, remove the base and top of the stalks with a knife, and rinse them well. Chopping into chunks works best when you are making juice with your blender. Add some water to the blender with the celery, then turn it onto the highest speed. 

You will then need to strain the juice from the chunks left in the blender for your celery juice. As you can see, a juicer is definitely the easier way to do it, but if you happen to have a high-quality blender at home, this method is worth a try. 

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