How Your Lifestyle Changes with a Vegan Diet


One thing people who go on a vegan diet don’t quite realize in the beginning is that their lifestyle is going to change just as much as their diet. What you do, who you spend time with, where you eat, and many more things are going to need some adjustments if you are committed to your vegan lifestyle. 

Where You Eat Out Might Change

While restaurants and fast-food chains are continuing to provide more options for vegetarians and vegans, there is still a lot of work to do. It is possible that when you switch to a vegan lifestyle, you will adjust where you eat out. 

You might find it easier to either choose vegan restaurants more often or go out with friends at restaurants that are known for vegetarian or vegan options. Many chains are now offering a new section on their menu for people who don’t eat meat, dairy, or eggs, so this is great news for you!

You Will Cook More at Home

It is inevitable – switching to a vegan diet is probably going to meat cooking more at home. But this is a good thing! Cooking more at home comes with so many amazing benefits. You will save money by not eating out, eating more whole foods and less processed ones, and can have more family time when you involve your kids in the cooking process. 

Convenience and On-the-Go Snacks Might Change

You may also find that the snacks you bring on the go, breakfast you eat in your car on the way to work, or quick snacks you pick up at the convenience store are going to be different. While you can still eat most chips and crackers while on a vegan diet if you used to grab a chocolate-covered granola bar or yogurt while heading out the door, they are probably not going to be vegan-friendly.

However, there are still a lot of options available. You can bring along a fruit smoothie or a banana, a handful of nuts, or some dried fruit and nuts in your own homemade trail mix. 

You Will Become an Expert at Nutrition Labels

Get ready to call yourself a pro, because you will get very good at reading nutrition labels, especially the ingredients list. This becomes a natural part of your life, where you get used to flipping every item over at the grocery store to look at the ingredients and make sure it is vegan. 

In addition to reading the labels, you may also be more concerned about where you shop, especially if you want local produce or more organic options.

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