Juicing During the Holidays: Try Out These Recipes

If you want to lose weight close to Christmastime, juicing is really helpful. When you juice, you are able to get lots of fruits, veggies, and herbs into your body, but it can also replace meals or other beverages you don’t want to consume. No sugar is added, so it allows you to have something sweet without all the extra calories. Try some of these seasonal juicing recipes.

Beet Red Juice

This juice combines some different winter fruits and veggies into one super healthy juice. The red color occurs naturally from the ingredient used, but it also makes it feel festive, which is a great thing when it comes to having a healthy juice during the holidays. This juice is going to use beets or beetroot, which is a purple and red color, combined with some plums after the seed is removed, red apples, and some kale leaves. Add all of the ingredients to the juicer, and give it a little stir when all juice has been extracted into the drinking glass.

Cherry Apple Juice

This holiday juice is perfect when you don’t have a lot of ingredients laying around, but you want another seasonal reddish colored juice for your festivities. All you need for this simple juice are some cherries that have been rinsed and pitted, and some cored and sliced red apples. The quantity of each depends on which flavor you are going for. For a glass of juice, you shouldn’t need more than 2 apples and a few handfuls of cherries to make the juice.

Green Juice

Here is a recipe for a green juice, which is a healthy, yet fun and festive juice to drink near Christmas and other holidays during this season. To make it green, you just need to add plenty of greens to the juice, such as kale and spinach. You can also add some celery, then go with some fruits that will sweeten up the juice, such as apples, oranges, lime, or cranberries.

Cranberry Kale Juice

This juice combines fruits and vegetables that are in season during the winter, so it can be enjoyed at Christmastime or any other time during this season. The kale is a superfood, so it adds color as well as nutrition to your juice. Cranberries are a popular holiday fruit, in season during the fall and winter. To this, you can then add any other product or herbs you like, such as some ginger to make it even more seasonal.

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