Kid-Friendly Healthy Potluck Ideas

When you are planning on attending a potluck, it can be a little more difficult when your kids are involved. They don’t always want the typical BBQ foods, plus if you want them eating healthier, it just makes it even more complicated. Here are some different kid-friendly and healthy potluck ideas to consider.

Chicken and Waffle Sliders

Why not give your kids something very non-barbecue? This can be fun when you have a little potluck or family gathering to go to, but you know your kids won’t really enjoy just a plate of grilled chicken and veggies. They can be made a little healthier depending on how you prepare them. Go ahead and use the same grilled chicken everyone is having, instead of breading it, which of course will lighten it up. You can then make a batch of whole-grain waffles, or even make them with the fruit or veggies mixed in. Cut them small into sliders with chicken in between, and you have yourself a big hit with the kids.

Fruit and Cream Cheese Crescent Rolls

If you want your kids to enjoy more fruit during the BBQ, you can make some crescent roll desserts with fruit and cream cheese. This is a much lighter dessert than brownies or cookies probably being served and gives them some more vitamins as well. All you do is add sliced fruit and cream cheese inside Crescent rolls, roll them up and bake them. Super easy and yummy!

Fruit and Veggies With Cookie Cutters

When you are having trouble getting your kids to eat their veggies, it might just take a little creativity. Before the barbecue, slice up their fruit and veggies a little thinner than what everyone else is getting served. Then get out some metal cookie cutters and make fun shapes with them. This makes them more interesting, especially for the younger kids. You can do this with other foods at the barbecue as well. The metal cookie cutters will cut through them much easier than plastic ones.

PB&J Roll-Ups

If you are going to a BBQ where there won’t be much for your kids to eat, such as one where just steak and ribs is being grilled, you can bring them something else entirely. Instead of a boring PB&J sandwich, why not make it fun by turning it into sushi? Just make the regular sandwich as you normally would, cut off the crusts, and slice into strips. Each strip can be rolled up just like sushi.

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