Maca is a very powerful root that can have many great benefits, especially for hormones. Maca root is safe to take daily but it is very potent and can have powerful effects. 

Maintains Bone Density

Maca is widely known for its power to balance hormones as well as symptoms of menopause in women. Due to its positive effects on menopause and the hormones involved in this process, it is also associated with improved bone density. During menopause, bone density is a big issue for women, especially those with a family history of osteoporosis. 

Enhances Energy and Mood

Since Maca is known to be full of vitamins and essential fatty acids, it is commonly taken to support athletic performance, energy, and mood. The nutrients in maca, such as zinc, other minerals, and protein are known to support energy levels and brain health. Maca can be taken to help alleviate symptoms that come along with depression and stress. 

Increases Fertility

Recently it has become more common for people to resort to natural alternatives for infertility and Maca is one of them. It has a positive effect on the pituitary gland, which releases serum luteinizing hormone. This hormone plays big role in infertility.

Enhances Sexual Function

Maca is known to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Women taking the highest dose of Maca root daily, which is three grams, can expect to see improvements in sexual function. With consistent use, the root can have a positive effect on desire and satisfaction. Women with sexual dysfunction can have great benefits from taking Maca.

Maca is widely available in many health stores and markets. It can be found alone or combined with other supplements. It is commonly sold in powder form, which can be easily sprinkled in many foods and beverages.

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