Men’s Health: How to Fight Fatigue


Fatigue is one of those conditions that often comes on gradually and can be very subtle. Maybe you don’t realize you have been more sluggish and tired more than normal for weeks or even months, until you discover you are not tending to the same responsibilities as you used to, keep pushing snooze on your alarm, or skip plans with friends because you’re just too tired.

If you are struggling with fatigue, here are some things you can try out.

Get More Exercise

It might seem counterintuitive to essentially do more that makes you tired, but exercise often has the opposite effect. While it can help when it is actually bedtime and you need to sleep and stay asleep, more exercise doesn’t make fatigue worse. In fact, the energy boost you get from your workouts, thanks to the release of endorphins, can help keep you awake and alert throughout the day. Try adding more exercise to your daily routine to get help with your fatigue.

Think About Missing Nutrients

Your fatigue might be from the food you are eating – or not eating. If you have been on a diet or tend to miss entire food groups, it is possible that your exhaustion and tiredness is just from not getting enough vital nutrients. A common nutrient deficiency related to fatigue is iron. You need to get enough iron for proper energy and to feel ready to take on the day. This also happens to be one of the most common vitamin deficiencies, especially among men on a vegetarian or vegan diet. You can get iron from food sources like meat and leafy greens, or take an iron supplement if you feel you need to.

Have Your Hormone Levels Tested

Men and women can have fatigue and other physical symptoms from a hormonal imbalance. In men, it is often from your testosterone levels being too low. You can lose these levels as you age, but you may also experience it when you are at a younger age. If you have lower motivation, low energy, and a lower libido, testosterone is probably the culprit. Luckily, this is treatable with medications from your doctor. If you feel that your fatigue is not getting better and think your hormone levels are out of balance, ask your doctor for a blood test.

Look at Your Sleeping Habits

Fatigue during the day can also be from something as simple as not getting good sleep at night. If you have trouble falling asleep, tend to wake up a lot in the night, or only sleep a few hours total, then this is probably why you are so exhausted during the day. It is time to focus on getting better sleep and better quality sleep by removing distractions and starting a more relaxing nighttime routine.

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