Natural Herbs For Menopause


Herbs can provide many health benefits, from lowering your cholesterol to easing mental health disorders. They also work great as a natural remedy for menopause. Take a look at some of the top herbs available for menopause.

Wild Yam

The first type of herb you should consider taking for your menopause and the symptoms is wild yam. This is not the same thing as yams or sweet potatoes, which you are probably already familiar with. Wild yam is actually a wild plant that contains nutrients to help with your menopausal symptoms, including phytoestrogen diosgenin. This works similar to how DHEA can help with your human sex hormones. This herb helps to balance out your hormones, which is how you can reduce your menopausal symptoms. Though like all herbs, you should discuss it with your doctor before using it.


Next on the list is sage, which is an amazing and beneficial herb. Sage is often used when looking at natural holistic or medicinal herbs, but it can also help if you are going through menopause. The menopausal side effects it primarily helps with are hot flashes and night sweats, both of which are not only uncomfortable but can cause stress at night because they tend to interrupt your sleep. There are some different ways to get more sage into your diet, from adding the herb to your cooked foods to making a peppermint tea with a little sage added to it.


The last herb you should try out if you are going through menopause is called valerian or valerian root. This is another herb that has been around a long time in different parts of the world but is becoming more popular as a way to treat medical conditions. Recently, it has been used for menopause by helping you with anxiety, insomnia, and some of your hot flashes. The great thing about valerian is that you can get the root in herb form for cooking or adding to a healing tea, or you can get it in supplement form if that is easier for you to handle.

Many other herbs can also be useful when it comes to your menopausal symptoms, so as long as you eat a healthy diet and use lots of fresh herbs, you are bound to benefit from them. You can also start growing herbs in your own backyard, helping to add more exercise to your daily regimen, which is also good for menopause.

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