Nutritious Sandwich Ideas For Your Picnic

Sandwiches are great for a picnic because they are easy to put together even last minute, and there is usually a sandwich for everyone. Even those picky kids or your friend who is on a specific diet can find a sandwich that they will love. Here are some ideas for healthy sandwiches to bring to the picnic.

Healthier Italian Sandwich

Having an Italian sandwich might seem like a fattening way to enjoy this type of food while on your picnic, but that really depends on how you prepare it. It can still be quite healthy with the right options, starting with using whole grain or seeded bread instead of white bread. You will then use ½ the normal amount of Italian meats and cheeses, or skip the cheese altogether. Add about double the veggies as you normally would. You now have a healthier version of a yummy Italian sandwich. You can even wrap it in lettuce and get rid of the bread altogether.

Cucumber Dill Sandwiches

One of the lightest types of sandwiches you can make, which just so happen to work perfectly for a picnic, is the cucumber dill sandwich. Use any bread that you want and on the inside, just add some cucumber you prepared with light sour cream, and sprinkle a little dill. Put on the other piece of bread and your sandwich is ready to go! These are fun for kids as finger foods as well.

Croissant Veggie Sandwiches

The reason why this is a good picnic option is that you get the low-fat and nutritious veggies, but you add a little something special with the buttery croissant instead of bread. While croissants aren’t going to be super low in calories, it is just a little something extra and different than what you would normally eat. If you have just veggies with no meat or cheese in your sandwich, it is going to lighten it up just enough to where this is a good lunch option.

Avocado Egg Salad

If you love to eat egg salad sandwiches during picnics but are trying to stay away from mayonnaise, you can instead use mashed-up avocado to mix with the hardboiled eggs. The avocado is creamy enough to replace mayonnaise and adds a lot more flavor. Plus, it is good fat, so even if the calories are similar, it is still considered better for you.

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