Snake Bites 101: Natural Remedies

If you are planning on a trip to hike or camp during the summer, you not only need to know what bugs around but be aware of snakes as well. These remedies will help you to treat your snake bite until you can get to a doctor.

Echinacea Oil

Echinacea is a powerful herb that is used for many natural remedies, including snake bites. However, it is not the dried or fresh herb you are going to use for this type of bite, but the oil extracted from the plant. Echinacea oil works by neutralizing the snake bite. It helps to fight infections and gives the immune system a natural boost, which helps to avoid prolonged issues from the bite as well. Of course, this should not replace medical treatment, but can be a good thing to bring with you camping or while enjoying outdoor activities until you can get to a doctor to look at the area of the bite. 

Activated Charcoal

This has been a big topic lately because of all the health benefits it provides, especially in the natural and holistic health community. Snake bites are yet another thing you can use activated charcoal for. Instead of using the dried or ground-up charcoal, you want to dampen it a little, so make sure you have some extra water with you. Dampen about 2 teaspoons of activated charcoal and take it orally by mouth. This can also neutralize the bite, help relieve the pain, and keep away infections from the snake bite. 

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is also a trending topic with natural health remedies. This is going to remove the toxins from your body that occur after you are bitten by a snake, and can also help the wound area to heal more quickly. You will notice many of the symptoms following the bite are relieved by bentonite clay as well. You should take a small amount of bentonite clay and mix it with water and Echinacea power to create a paste. Apply this directly to the wound to begin the healing process.

Take an Ice Bath

Believe it or not, getting into an ice bath shortly after being bitten by a snake can really help you find relief and reduce the side effects of the snake bite. If you can’t get home to an ice bath, grab an ice pack from your cooler or backpack and wrap it around the area where you were bitten.

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