Superfoods For Female Fertility


Fertility is an issue that many women face throughout the world. This can lead to costly treatments, medications, and doctor visits. If you are at the start of the fertility battle, and you want to try changing your diet and your lifestyle before going for something evasive, then you may want to consider some superfoods and add them to your diet. Here are a few that may help and why. 


Avocado finds its way to most superfood lists in one way or another. This means that some people may overlook it. If you are going for fertility, don’t overlook this one. One of the easiest ways you can add this to your diet is by pureeing it and using it as mayo or dressing. It is super simple and it will help provide folic acid for your diet. 


Yams, when eaten in moderate amounts during the first two weeks of your cycle, can help in a major way. They will help create two hormones that are essential for infertility, specifically for ovulation. You can add yams in place of potatoes. 

Olive Oil

Olive oil can be used in a variety of ways in the diet. You can use it in cooking, as part of salad dressings, and as an additive for certain meals. The benefit olive oil has on fertility is to help boost your reproductive health. Just adding one to two tablespoons can help when used with other fertility superfoods. 


To help produce cervical mucous, which helps keep the sperm alive during the fertilization process, you will need to have an alkaline body environment. Sprouts can help with that. You can purchase various sprouts or you can make your own sprouts at home with various DIY methods and kits. Sprouts can be added to soups, salads, and other foods. 

Cod Liver Oil

You need to take the advantage of Omega-3 and DHA as much as you try to boost your fertility. You can do this in several ways, including eating fish such as salmon and cod. One additional way to do this is to take cod liver oil. The oil can be taken by mouth in liquid or capsule form daily. You can also add it to vegetarian or vegetable-based smoothies as well. 


Seaweed can be added to soups, various Asian-based dinners, and other foods. Seaweed can be used to help deliver essential vitamins and minerals to the body including potassium, calcium, and iron. You can continue to eat seaweed after getting pregnant to help with iron levels. 

Though these foods will not ensure your fertility, they can help boost your diet and body so that fertility is more likely. You may also want to consider various diets that are geared for helping with fertility like pescetarian dieting and low-carb.

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