Tips For Reducing Falls in the Home


As people get older, their center of gravity and balance starts to stagger a little bit. This can increase the risk of having a fall. If you have a loved one who is older and lives alone, the following tips will help them to reduce their falls.

Keep Getting Regular Exercise

Exercise is essential as people get older, and can help them improve their strength, stability, and balance. This is important as people are aging and at risk of falling in the home. By being physically active, you are able to keep up with your strength and stability, which reduces accidentally falling or losing your balance, whether walking through your home too fast or going up and down the stairs. It can also help you have enough strength when getting in and out of bed or stepping out of the shower.

Get a Home Safety Assessment

Home safety assessments allow you to make sure every area of your home is set up to be more convenient for your personal safety. For example, if you are finding it difficult to get out of the shower, you can have shower bars installed. You can also get a bar installed next to the toilet, allowing you to grip onto it when you sit up. You may need to get better lights in the hallways when walking around at night, or change the flooring in your home I fit is too slippery.

Wear Shoes With Grips

A lot of falls happen in the home simply from being on slippery ground. If you like to wear slippers on tile or hardwood, you are creating a potentially dangerous situation for yourself. Try to get shoes that have rubber soles or otherwise gripping bottoms. There are regular shoes, slippers, and even socks that have grips so that you aren’t increasing the chances of slipping and falling.

Get Your Eyes Checked

Your eye health is also really important as you get older. Make sure you get your eye exam regularly to find out if you need glasses or contacts. This can also look for eye conditions that tend to be more common as you get older, such as cataracts or glaucoma. These conditions can greatly reduce your ability to see in your home, especially when the lights are dimmed in the evening. If you have had a fall already or multiple ones, it is time to see the eye doctor.

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