Tips For Spending Your Time as a Minimalist


As you develop during your way to becoming a minimalist, you might find that beginning is difficult because you have become accustomed to an innumerable amount of distractions that you are a part of your daily life. This article will be discussing tips on how to make better use of your time as a minimalist.

The Snooze Button

A lot of people have gotten into a habit that can actually cause them more harm than they realize. When you hit the snooze button a full hour before you need to get up, your brain is actually becoming more and more tired from having to be jolted out of sleep repeatedly. Instead of waking up over and over, set the alarm so you can get up when you need to. If you are worried about not getting up, set the alarm for one minute after so that you can get used to having to wake up immediately after it rings.

Checking Social Networking

Many of us spend a lot of time on social networking sites, but this fascination with staying up to date with every bit of information including what other people are eating can swallow a large portion of our time. Try limiting your social networking checks to a few times a day instead of making hourly checks. This also goes for email and another form of communication. This may require you to preemptively explain your availability to some people, but your stress will be lower than if you attempted to be available and connected at all times. 

Make To-Do Lists 

Having a list that you can cross off makes the accomplishment of goals far more gratifying. This not only shows you what tasks you have to complete at a given time, but it also gives you a very physical, tangible way to observe your progress. It also gives you the opportunity to evaluate where they sit in your list of priorities. 

Self-Enrichment Activities

Spend more time investing in yourself, your creativity, and your intelligence. When you aren’t doing those activities, you can spend time maintaining your environment. Life happens, so things do pile up from time to time, which is why we need to make a special effort to clear it. With fewer random events, distractions, and clutter slowing you down, you will be able to enjoy more of the things, and people you care about in life.

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