Top Foods with GMOs


Have you been looking to find out which foods are made with GMO food sources? Many people say that the lack of transparency in the labeling of the food takes away the ability of the consumer to choose.  These companies which produce GMO crops have done a lot of work to hide which products use GMO products and keep people from being able to force the manufacturers to declare which foods contain GMOs on their packaging. Thankfully, there is information available to keep you in the know, and this information will be geared towards sharing the top foods with GMOs. 

Soy Products

The soybean plant is one of the most heavily produced GMO crops in the world. Soy products make up a large percentage of GMO products, second only to corn as the largest crop by far. Soybeans are used in nearly every diet that exists, so they are easily incorporated into a variety of prepackaged dishes, condiments, and sauces of all types. The world’s largest soy sauce company uses genetically modified ingredients in a nearly exclusive capacity, which means that it is nearly over 95% GMO. 


This crop dominates the world of GMO science. Corn was one of the first extremely successful crops produced and owned by a company. GMO corn has found its way into a wide variety of products, from shampoos to breakfast cereals. Over 80% of breakfast cereals depend exclusively on GMO corn to produce their cereal. Corn is even used as a thickening agent in some liquids, as well as fill for heartier foods. Hard pet foods routinely use it as a filler also. 

Canola Oil

This oil is extremely popular in the production of fried foods. Canola oil is a common oil used in recipes as well. It is derived from rapeseed and is considered one of the least natural oils that are commonly used today. 

Milk and Dairy 

It is estimated that close to 20% of milk is considered to be GMO in login. This is because the cows that produce the milk have been given growth hormones that change the way that they grow, often speeding up the process of growth and having unpredictable side effects. Much of this milk is processed very heavily so that it more closely resembles what most people consider to be normal milk.

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