Try Some of These Natural Salve Sunburn Remedies

When you are dealing with a painful sunburn, all you want is to cool it off and soothe the pain. Not only does aloe work wonders for sunburns, but it is a common ingredient in most natural sunburn salves. Here are some different salves you can make and try out for yourself.

Make Your Own Aloe Gel

As you probably know, it doesn’t get much better than aloe vera when you want to find some relief for your sunburn pain. There is a gel-like substance that comes from the leaves of this plant, which you can use on your own. However, you might not want to find leaves and go through the process of cutting them open every time you have a sunburn. Another option is to make your own aloe vera gel that you keep in a jar. You can store it along with your other natural health items. Not only can you use aloe vera, but you can also add some essential oils that are soothing for sunburns, such as peppermint and lavender. This will turn it into a cooling salve for all your sunburns.

Honey and Coconut Oil Aloe Gel

Another form of aloe gel that you can make for your sunburn uses the same basic pure aloe vera gel, either from the plant or the store, but also combines some ingredients aside from essential oils. This type of salve can be used on sunburns as well as for a variety of other skin wounds. In addition to the aloe vera gel, add some beeswax, extra virgin coconut oil, raw honey, and a little bit of rosewater. Combine the ingredients and add the mixture to a little jar or container. 

Aloe Vitamin E Gel

The final aloe-based sunburn salve you can make at home is going to use vitamin E, which has its own benefits with skin wounds and burns. You will start once again with your aloe from the plant or a jar of pure aloe gel. You can then add a few drops of vitamin E, which is good for burns, easy on the skin, and helps speed up the healing process. At this point, the remaining ingredients are up to you. You can add some lavender essential oil for soothing the skin and extra scent, or make it more of a creamy consistency with some unrefined coconut oil.

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