Try These Fun Outdoor Games

If you are trying to get your kids to be more active, but they are hesitant, it might just be because walking or riding a bike isn’t as fun for them. Every kid is different, so you just have to figure out what physical activities your kids enjoy. For some, outdoor games are a lot more fun. Here are some different outdoor games your kids can play that will keep them active without becoming a boring exercise.

Lawn Twister

Who doesn’t love Twister? This is a really fun game and one that is a lot more physical than you might think. Having to stand in awkward positions with one leg in front of you and an arm far behind you is a skill that is difficult to master. The difficulty is what makes Twister so much fun. If you want to try it outside, you can make your own version right on the grass. All you need is spray paint in the classic colors of the Twister game, where you can spray the different circles of a typical Twister board game. Get everyone outside to play a few rounds.

Capture the Flag

You can also get the kids outside after dinner for a quick game of capture the flag. You can buy plastic flags at party stores or various other retailers, or easily make them yourself. You want to split up your family into two teams and decide where to put the flags, and where ‘base’ is to bring the flags to. Once you do that, the rest is just lots of fun and running around.


Cornhole is becoming a popular game for all ages. It is a type of beanbag toss game where there is a large board with a hole at the top. You need at least 2 people, or if you have at least 4, each team can have 2 people. Each person has 3-5 bean bags they try to toss one at a time. The points are based on if they make it on the board if the bag goes into the hole, and if they push another person’s bag off the board.

The longer you play this game, the more exertion people go through. Not only arm exercises from throwing the bean bags, but also constantly getting up to grab the bags from the ground every time a new round of cornhole begins.

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