Using Mindfulness to Stick to New Year’s Resolutions

Mindfulness is more than a trendy world. It’s an age-old practice that involves meditation and focus. Being mindful means you’re fully engaged in the present. Although there are plenty of things in life that can distract you from your goals, by being mindful you will improve your odds of sticking to your resolutions. Here’s how you can use mindfulness to stick to New Year’s resolutions:

Create a Plan

The first step to focusing on what you need to accomplish is defining what you need to accomplish. Create a plan on how you’ll achieve your New Year’s resolution, and then stick with that plan. You can do this by making a list or setting some milestones for the year. Once you complete your plan, you’ll be ready for the next step which is executing your plan.

Execute Your Plan

Depending on your goal, you may have daily tasks to stick with your resolution. Set yourself up for success by committing to completing these tasks each day. Make a to-do list, and then focus on your mission. When you’re working on a task, set aside all other distractions and worries. Your plan and your list will keep you on track. Trust yourself and your goals. Then stay in the moment.

Envision Yourself Completing Your Goal

Use daily meditation to keep yourself on track. Some people make vision boards, but meditation is a great way to stay focused. During your mediation, envision yourself achieving your goal. You can chant your goal out loud if that helps you. But any committed act that regularly reminds you of your goal will keep you focused on the prize.

Allow Yourself to Take Breaks

Mindfulness is all about staying in the present. If you’re constantly thinking about your resolution and ignoring all else, it won’t matter how mindful you are of your resolution. You will have missed out on a lot of matters that require mindfulness each day. By using your plan as a guide, allow yourself to let go of the constant pressure of achieving your goals. Trust that your plan will be successful and stay in the moment. It doesn’t matter if that moment is a movie night with friends or a goal-related task.

Open Yourself to Opportunity

By practicing mindfulness, you’ll be ready and open to opportunities that come your way. You never know who or what may help you achieve your resolutions. So enter each experience with an open mind and an open heart. You’ll be surprised how many new experiences may shape your year.

Your New Year’s resolution may change as you maintain mindfulness. Remember that mindfulness itself can be a goal. Enjoy the journey.

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