Vegan-Friendly Appetizer Ideas


Eating a vegan diet when you are at home and just preparing your own meals is easy, but when it comes to entertaining, it gets a little more complicated. If you want to host or attend a party and provide plant-based appetizers, the following options are great. They not only let you keep eating a vegan diet, but others won’t even know they are missing the dairy and meat!

Artichoke Dip

This first appetizer is a fan favorite, and your guests will probably not even realize you don’t have real cheese in it! The great thing about being on a vegan diet is that you can find vegan alternatives to swap out for just about everything, including the different types of mayonnaise and cheese usually in an artichoke dip. The types of cheese you use are up to you, but a combination of vegan parmesan, vegan cream cheese, and a little vegan cheddar is a great start. You can make it creamier with some vegan mayonnaise, then add in your spinach and artichoke hearts.


Who doesn’t love a good pinwheel? These are appetizer sandwiches that are traditionally made with meat, cheese, veggies, and tortillas. They are rolled up, then sliced into pinwheel shapes. You can definitely make a plant-based version! There are so many ways to customize this according to your tastes and the type of party you are hosting or attending. Start with some flour tortillas, making sure it is a vegan brand. On the inside of the tortilla, spread on some type of vegan cream cheese or any spread that is plant-based. You can then pile on your veggies, whether you go with onions and peppers, greens, tomato slices, or really anything you like. Roll it up, cut it into slices, and you’re good to go.

Cauliflower Wings

Cauliflower is definitely your new best friend if you want to make anything that resembles chicken wings, chicken bites, or chicken poppers. The cauliflower is a good texture and really easy to work with. If you want to have a party where wings are usually served, you can make buffalo wings by coating the cauliflower florets with almond milk, gluten-free flour, and panko bread crumbs. You will bake them and then dip them in a buffalo sauce. There are also many other vegan wings you can make with cauliflower and the right seasoning.

Mexican Dip

Do you love 7-layer dip? If so, you can put together your own dip with all plant-based and vegan ingredients. The main ingredients you are skipping are the traditional cheese and sour cream – most other parts of a 7-layer dip can be included. You can use anything you like, but some good options include black olives, tomatoes or salsa, pinto or black beans, lettuce, and guacamole. You can also use a vegan sour cream or veggie meat crumbles in the dip as well.

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