Warrior Intermittent Fasting Diet


One of the intermittent fasting protocols you may have heard about is called the Warrior protocol, sometimes Warrior Diet. This is when you go a little longer during your fasting periods, and eat just one big meal during the eating period. Here is a look at the Warrior protocol to decide if you want to try this method.

How the Warrior IF Protocol Works

This is one of the strictest intermittent fasting protocols because you go nearly 24 hours each time you fast. The basis of this plan is that you eat just once a day, after fasting for nearly 24 hours. That meal should be rather large and sustain you for the next 24 hours. It can be almost anything you want to eat, though of course, you shouldn’t be eating 3,000 calories of donuts and soda. There are some basic food rules. The Warrior protocol comes from the fact that humans used to have to catch and cook food all day, where they would only eat once at night, so people on Paleo will often follow this protocol.

What to Eat on This Plan

Another difference between the Warrior intermittent fasting protocol and other methods is that what you eat during those eating windows is also different. Most other intermittent fasting protocols allow you to eat your normal diet without changing it too much. With the Warrior diet, you also want to eat closer to a traditional caveman diet, though not as strict as Paleo. Here are some basic eating guidelines to follow if you decide on this method of doing intermittent fasting:

Try to eat grass-fed/cage-free meat and eggs – When choosing your meat and eggs, go as fresh and organic as you can. If you can get it from a local farm, that is ideal. Otherwise, choose meat that was grass-fed with no hormones, and cage-free eggs. Switch to grass-fed butter as well.

Avoid processed foods – This is a big one – try to limit your processed foods as much as possible. This includes getting rid of boxed, packaged, and frozen foods. Anything that can be microwaved is probably processed. Try to make all your meals and snacks at home with fresh ingredients.

Reduce alcohol intake – You want your liver to be free to get rid of toxins in your body, but that is hard to do when it is constantly trying to flush out the alcohol you drink. Cut back on how much you drink.

Eat your carbs at night –  To better balance out your insulin levels, have your carbs in the evening. They tend to cause exhaustion, so it is best to have them near the end of your day so you have energy for the rest of the day.

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