Ways to Track Your Eating and Exercise Daily

Tracking what you eat and how you exercise on a daily basis is an excellent way to know how you are doing and in what ways you might need to improve. It is a great way to lose weight or maintain our current weight during the holiday season. Here are some easy ways to track your daily exercise and eating habits.

Write in a Journal

There is nothing wrong with basic ways of tracking your eating and exercise every day. Some people prefer being able to write it down as opposed to using a computer or mobile device. You might like keeping a journal during your weight loss journal to be able to write down what you eat, what workouts you do, and some other thoughts you are having each day of the weight loss journey. Journals can be really great for reducing stress from losing weight and identifying some triggers of emotional eating and other issues that might occur along the way.

Create a Spreadsheet

If you do prefer digital formats, then your computer is one thing you can use. You can make it simple by recording your food diary and exercise diary each day on a spreadsheet. You can use any spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel or any others that you have on your computer. Not only can you record what you eat and your activity, but you can record things like your weight and measurements.

Use Mobile Apps

A popular option for recording your eating and exercise diaries is to use mobile apps. There are quite a few of them, many of which are free. You can definitely find an app that works for you, regardless of what type of mobile phone you have. These are convenient since you probably always have your phone with you, and offer extra features like telling you how many calories were burned during your workout, chatting with others in groups and forums, and looking up the food you ate to see how many calories it had. Some good apps to use include MyFitnessPal, Calorific, and Lose It, though there are lots more to choose from.

The method you use for tracking doesn’t matter quite as much as being consistent. Stick to tracking your food and exercise every day so that you know what your progress is and can be held accountable. This is going to help you keep up with your weight loss.

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