What is Allspice?

When you begin gathering spices and seasonings to use in your fall dishes, you might come across something called allspice. While at first, it seems like a combination of spices together, that is not what this is. Allspice is actually a type of berry that is often used in fall flavors like cider. Here is what you should know about allspice.

Ways to Use Allspice

First of all, you should know how to use allspice so you can get all the different health benefits. The flavor of allspice is similar to other fall spices you are accustomed to using, such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves. In fact, when you can’t get your hands on actual allspice, people often recommend using equal parts of these three spices, mixing them together, and making your very own allspice alternative. Therefore, anything you use these spices for, you can use allspice for. It is great when making a spiced apple cider, baked goods like cookies and cupcakes for the fall, and some savory dishes as well.

Health Benefits of Allspice

Now that you know some different ways you can use allspice during the fall and year-round, here are some health benefits of this spice to know about:

It reduces inflammation – First of all, allspice, like many other spices, has natural properties that allow it to reduce inflammation in the body. If you have arthritis or gout, you probably experience more pain and discomfort when your joints have inflammation. You can start reducing it naturally by using allspice more often.

You can improve your immunity – To boost your immunes system, start incorporating more herbs, fruits, veggies, and spices into your diet. Allspice is a great way to start improving your immune system, as it is a natural antifungal and antibacterial spice. 

You get more antioxidants – Everyone wants more antioxidants, and spices like allspice can start adding more into your system. Some antioxidants that allspice has to include tannins, eugenol, and quercetin. These are compounds that make it a good antioxidant spice for preventing illness and infections.

It helps with circulation – Allspice is also great for improving circulation in your system, thanks to minerals like iron and copper. With good circulation, you are promoting good red blood cell growth, which gives you more energy and helps with your health overall.

Even if allspice is unfamiliar to you, there are many reasons to use it. Start incorporating it into your dishes.

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