What is an Air Fryer?


If you have been looking for a new cooking appliance to help prepare healthy meals, you might want to look into getting an air fryer. This is a cooking appliance that uses air to ‘deep fry’ your food instead of oil. It not only makes dishes healthier and less fattening, but it cooks them in record time. 

How the Air Fryer Works

Before you get started with your air fryer and learn the benefits, it helps to know exactly how this cooking appliance works. The reason the air fryer allows you to have crispy, fried foods without oil is that the air is circulating at a rapid pace while also heating up to high frying degrees. It goes up to around 200 degrees Celsius, which helps give that crispness you are used to with your fried foods. It also does it in record time, similar to how quickly a pressure cooker can make different foods.

The Process is Similar to a Deep Fryer

If you have ever used a deep fryer, you should know the basics of an air fryer. It is a similar size, and also has a basket for keeping your foods in when they go in. There is a timer and thermometer as well so you know the air circulating has reached the desired temperature to fry your foods.

The Air Fryer Makes Healthier Food

While there are many reasons to use an air fryer, the fact that it makes healthier food is a major bonus. You are getting crispy, fried-like foods without using any oil, aside from what you marinate your meat and veggies with. It uses about 80 percent less oil to make things like deep-fried vegetables, fried chicken, and various other dishes and appetizers. You can give your family their favorite foods without going through a fast-food restaurant or having to use an unhealthy deep fryer.

Your Food Cooks Quickly

Another thing to know about the air fryer is that your food is cooked quickly. As opposed to baking vegetables, you can get a crispy edge and roasted vegetable taste in as little as 10-15 minutes in the air fryer. Many things will take less time, which means less time you are spending in the kitchen. Plus, just like a pressure cooker and slow cooker, this handy appliance means you are not heating up your entire kitchen just for these delicious meals. This is a great option in the hot summer.

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