What You’re Getting Wrong About Feminine Hygiene


Think you know everything there is to know about feminine hygiene? There might be some misconceptions you’re missing. It is really important to have good hygiene in your private areas in order to prevent infections and stay clean and dry. Here are some things you might be getting wrong in this department.

Staying Clean and Dry is Essential

One of the most important things about feminine hygiene is that you stay clean and dry. Very common mistake women make when it comes to feminine hygiene is sitting in their sweaty underwear after a workout. If you have just finished a workout, try to shower and change out of your clothes as soon as you can.

If it is a particularly hot day where you are sweating a lot, you might need to change your underwear more than once a day. However, on typical days, just putting on clean underwear every day after your shower should be enough to take good care of your hygiene.

You Should Never Use a Douche

Please never, under any circumstances, use a douche to “clean” your vagina. They are unnecessary and in most cases, are more harmful than good. They are advertised to help improve the smell of your vagina, but all it really is doing is making the odor. This can actually cover up the reason you have an odor in the first place, such as an infection of your vagina. The only thing you need to keep your vagina clean and smelling nice is washing it with warm water and mild soap, keeping it clean and dry, and knowing when you need to see a doctor.

Underwear at Night Isn’t Necessary

This is a personal comfort thing, but if you wear cotton pajama bottoms like pants or shorts, you don’t need to also wear underwear. To improve your feminine hygiene, you want your vagina to be able to breathe. In addition to wearing cotton underwear, you can also try sleeping without underwear on to prevent moisture from being trapped in this region.

Don’t Use Anything Scented

Have you been using scented tampons or pads? Now is the time to stop. You should never use anything scented that is going to come in contact with your vagina. This includes scented tampons and pads, panty liners, douche, and even the soap you use to cleanse your private area.

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