When to See a Doctor For Your Thyroid


In general, doctors recommend making an appointment with them if you have any signs of symptoms of a thyroid condition. That is because thyroid conditions lead to a wide range of medical problems, many of which can easily be remedied with simple thyroid treatments. Keep reading to find out more about getting medical treatment for your thyroid condition.

When You Have Symptoms of Thyroid Conditions

If you have symptoms of any type of thyroid condition, whether you have fatigue and sluggishness, weight loss or weight gain, lack of appetite, or mood swings, you need to see your doctor. Even if you’re not sure if you have a thyroid problem, you need to get it treated quickly if you do, since they can lead to more serious problems. All that is needed to diagnose a thyroid condition is taking your bloodwork. If you don’t have it, your doctor should be able to figure out what is causing these symptoms.

Every Few Months For Bloodwork

After you have been diagnosed, you will still need to return to your doctor on a routine basis for a check-up. They will look for signs of goiter in your neck, ask how your medication is helping, and run your bloodwork again. This needs to be done every 3-4 months so they can find out if you need to have your prescription dosage adjusted or not.

Any Time Your Symptoms Have Gotten Worse

If your symptoms are persisting even after taking medication for the thyroid condition, or have worsened, that is another good reason to see your doctor. It is possible that the hormone levels are changing dramatically, which requires an adjustment to your dosage. If the medication isn’t working, a surgical procedure to remove part of your thyroid gland might also be necessary.

If You Develop a Goiter or Other Lump

Look at the front of your neck regularly if you have a thyroid condition so you know if your thyroid enlarges. You might not actually feel it in your neck, but you can usually see a lump in front of your neck when you look in the mirror. This is called a goiter and needs to be checked out by a doctor.

When You Become Pregnant

If you are taking medication for a thyroid condition and you become pregnant, see your doctor right away. They need to run your bloodwork to see if your thyroid levels are changing and also determine if the medications you have been taking are safe to continue taking while pregnant.

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