Why You Should Have a Weight Loss Buddy

While you can lose weight on your own, you might find it easier to have a buddy. This is someone that also wants to lose some weight during the holiday season, preferably someone with similar goals. You can workout together, but that isn’t necessary. Being there for each other is enough to keep you both motivated. Here are some benefits of having a weight loss buddy.

They Keep You Accountable

First of all, when you are losing weight, it can be really hard to do when you don’t tell anyone about it. This is something many people do because they don’t want to have to explain later on when they go off the diet. By doing this, you are already telling yourself that you might fail, which is not a healthy mentality to have. You want to be confident in your ability to lose weight during the holidays, so by having a buddy who knows all about it, you are going to be held accountable for your decisions. You will also be someone to hold them accountable.

You Can Have Someone to Workout With

Exercising alone is another thing that becomes a struggle, especially on those days when you just want to take a nap or relax in front of the TV. Exercising shouldn’t feel like a chore, but sometimes you just need a little motivation. If you have a weight loss buddy who is also someone you exercise with, then they can help motivate you and keep you moving. You also know that they are counting on you to keep the motivation, which forces both of you to keep up with the fitness routine.

They Understand What You Are Going Through

Having emotional support when losing weight is more important than you might think. It isn’t easy, particularly during times when everyone is enjoying lots of treats and unhealthy foods, such as during the holiday season. You can lean on your weight loss buddy when it gets difficult and they will understand the challenges you are facing.

Your Buddy Can Go to Holiday Parties With You

When it is time to head to those holiday parties, you have someone to bring with you who is also on the same weight loss journey as yourself. They will be avoiding cocktails, trying to curb their cravings, and eating the healthier food options right along with you.

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