Yoga Poses for Men


Yoga is an excellent exercise that gives you long, lean muscles, improves flexibility, and helps with balance. It is also great for mental health, including stress and anxiety. While many people look at it as a “female” exercise, men should also participate in it! Here are some great yoga poses to get started with.

Forward Fold

The first yoga pose that is great for men to do is called the forward fold. This is going to help stretch out your legs, hips, hamstrings, and calves. It is excellent to do before or after a leg workout due to doubling as a great stretch. For the forward fold, it is very simple for even beginners to do. You want to stand up with your feet about hip-width apart, then start to slowly fold your upper body forward, over your hips. Bend your knees just slightly to allow your body to hold over. Bend over until you are able to hold onto your ankles – bending your knees more might be necessary if you are not flexible yet.

Child’s Pose

Next up is the child’s pose, which is lucky a very easy yoga poses to do. This might be one of the first ones you start with if you are not familiar with yoga practices and want to become more relaxed and stress-free. The child’s pose is done completely on the ground, often as a stretch after core workouts, or to relieve back pain. You will get on the ground and kneel with your toes touching. Fold your upper body down while kneeling, allowing your head to reach the floor. 

Downward Facing Dog

When you get a little stronger and more flexible, you can do the downward-facing dog yoga pose. If you do a lot of push-ups, this will seem very familiar, except your hips are much higher in the air than a traditional push-up

High Lunge

The last yoga move to consider doing is the high lunge. This is great for anyone, but if you are a runner, it can be really beneficial to you. The high lunge is good for stretching out your legs and increasing core strength. It is also good for overall balance and flexibility improvement. The high lunge is another yoga move good for anyone who is new to the practice. You want to start by getting into the sprinter position, where one foot is in front of your body with your fingertips on the floor. Curl the toes of your back foot like you are about to race. Stay in this position, allowing your body to stretch, then switch to the other side.

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